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Trick or treating for tidbits on 'Joe the Plumber'

HOLLAND, Ohio – In a modest suburb, on a modest street, sits the modest ranch-style home of "Joe the Plumber." The Holland, Ohio resident whose name was bandied about at last night's presidential debate more than twenty times

If the powers that be had their wits about 'em they'd name a street after him. Joe's Way perhaps. Maybe they could make it a one way street leading to the local H&R Block franchise.

VIDEO: 'Joe the Plumber' steals the show

Today it is all Joe from coast to coast as we all scramble to find out how he's doing while his fifteen minutes flash by.

Now this leafy neighborhood festooned with pumpkins and decorations is living its own private Halloween – complete with satellite trucks, bright lights and journalists pounding on doors trick or treating for tidbits of information.

VIDEO: 'Joe the Plumber' speaks out

So far, Joe remains amazed at being thrust into the spotlight. Let's see how long that lasts.

Video analyzer: How many mentions of 'Joe the Plumber' during debate
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