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'Tight-knit' community prays for captive soldier

HAILEY, Idaho – A young mother with three small children and a bunch of American flags pulled up to Zaney's River Street Coffee House where Pfc. Bowe Bergdahl used to work before he joined the Army.  

They began planting the flags in the ground and in nearby flower pots. 

Elsewhere around Hailey, people have tied yellow ribbons around trees and put up signs saying "Bring Bowe Back." The print shop that made the signs reportedly ran out of them and local stores are running low on supplies of yellow ribbons.

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It's all part of what Bergdahl's family calls the "overwhelming" show of public support for the 23-year-old who was taken captive by the Taliban in Afghanistan on June 30. 

When the Pentagon first reported that an American soldier had been captured without naming him, many here in Hailey suspected it might be Bergdahl. People in town had kept in touch with him via e-mail, but their messages went unanswered after June 30.  At the request of Bergdahl's family, they kept quiet about it, not wanting to compromise any efforts to rescue him.

"It's tight-knit," Hailey Mayor Rick Davis said of this community in an interview with NBC News. "And when somebody asks you not to say something that's what's going to happen."

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But with the release of the chilling Taliban propaganda video showing Bergdahl in captivity, identified publicly for the first time, the community's silence ended and the yellow ribbons began to appear around this city of 7,000 about a dozen miles south of Sun Valley.

Lee Ann Ferris, who lives next door to Bergdahl's parents, said her church had organized a prayer circle to pray for his safe return. "We're thinking positively," she said, "believing that he'll come back home." Still, she conceded it's frustrating, not being able to do much more than waiting, hoping and praying.

And there are a whole lot of hopes and prayers for the safe return of Bowe Bergdahl being voiced by the people of Hailey right now.