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First celebrity sighting in Gulf oil disaster

Gulf Oil Spill

"Waterworld" star Kevin Costner has arrived in the Louisiana bayou— this time sporting oil clean-up technology, not gills.

The multimillionaire Hollywood actor, best known for his roles in "Dances with Wolves," "Field of Dreams" and "The Untouchables," is reportedly offering local officials technology designed to help save delicate marshes from the oil that is gushing from a broken well in the Gulf of Mexico.

The actor has diversified into environmental technologies, apparently in collaboration with his brother Dan, a scientist, through a company called Costner Industries Nevada Corp. He has told reporters in the past that he has invested $26 million to develop green technology.

"Sometimes it takes a star to come in with their money and time to make a difference," Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser told reporters Wednesday at a press conference in the fishing town of Venice, deep in the marshlands.

Based on patents issued to the company, Costner Industries focuses on centrifuge technology that can separate oil and water. The company, which has addresses in Nevada and Texas, could not immediately be reached for comment.

"Kevin Costner got down here yesterday," said Kurt Fromherz, public affairs officer for the parish confirmed on Thursday, though he could not provide details on what Costner was offering.

He said Costner became interested in the area through his friend, actor and director Stephen Baldwin, who Fromherz said is working on a documentary in Plaquemines Parish. Baldwin is the fourth and youngest of the famous show business Baldwins, after brothers Alec, Daniel and William.