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Stop sending hair booms, officials plead

By Miguel Llanos, msnbc.com

To all those who have donated hair clippings, and those who have shipped them, the Unifed Area Command dealing with the Gulf oil disaster has this message: Please stop.

Using hair booms "was not deemed feasible after a technical evaluation," the command said in a statement. "In a February 2010 side-by-side field test conducted during an oil spill in Texas, commercial sorbent boom absorbed more oil and much less water than hair boom, making it the better operational choice."

Charlie Henry, NOAA's scientific support coordinator at the scene, added: "Our priority when cleaning up an oil spill is to find the most efficient and expedient way to remove the oil from the affected area while causing no additional damage. One problem with the hair boom is that it became water-logged and sank within a short period of time."

"Commercial sorbent boom is readily available and scientifically designed and tested for oil containment and absorption on the water," the command added. "Additionally, response teams are familiar with and properly trained to safely deploy, maintain, recover, and dispose commercial sorbent boom."