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Field Notes 2.0

We’re pleased to present the new and improved NBC News Field Notes blog. You’ll still be able to find NBC News correspondents and producers insight on the big and small stories of the day, including videos, photos and related links – but all on a better (and better-looking!) platform.

There are new features worth telling you about on this blog:

To see more of a post, just click the "Show More" label. There's a "Share" feature for each item that lets you send Field Notes links to your friends via e-mail, Twitter or Facebook.

We’ve changed our comment policy – but with some help from you, we hope it's an improvement.

To simply read comments, just click on the link in the blue box at lower right.

In order to post comments, you’ll need to register for a Newsvine profile – but the upside is that you’ll no longer have to wait for comments to be approved by a moderator. We will count on you, our Field Notes readers, to keep the discussion thoughtful and civil. Please flag inappropriate posts for removal – especially those that are off-topic and attacking others. You can do that by clicking on the ! symbol next to the post. As with any blog, Field Note’s blog editors reserve the right to delete posts.

Other bonus features – you can now sign up to get e-mail alerts for when new items are posted.

You can learn more about Newsvine here. Tell us what you think of all these changes. We’d love to hear from you.