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Still getting the runaround on public health?

Two National Public Radio staffers say there's been a mystifying roadblock on their attempts to report on the health effects of the spill in Louisiana's southernmost parish. Bridget DeSimone reports that while she and Betty Ann Bowser found local officials and media contacts at the Unified Command Center Operations generally helpful, they were stymied in trying to report on one angle:

It has been virtually impossible to get any information about the federal mobile medical unit in the fishing town of Venice, La. The glorified double-wide trailer sits on a spit of newly graveled land known to some as the "BP compound." Ringed with barbed wire-topped chain link fencing, it's tightly restricted by police and private security guards.

And they say they're not the first to run into this roadblock -- NewsHour colleagues and reporters from Fox News also were denied access to the unit. Read the NPR report here. And The Huffington Post has a little more to say on the topic, too.