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'L' no!

Photo by Lee MacMillan

A sign in South Bend, Indiana.

Sometimes, a thin letter can make a big difference.

So it was in South Bend, Ind., where a billboard celebrating the school system misspelled public, as in ‘public school.’

According to the South Bend Tribune, the error was spotted Saturday by a local resident while she sat in traffic.

By Monday, responsibility for the blooper was claimed by Blue Waters Group, which was working with the South Bend redevelopment commission.

“I feel terrible. It’s a mistake we made, and we’re guilty of it, and responsible for it, and we take full responsibility for the error,” Patrick Strickler, president of the Blue Waters Group, told the Tribune.

He noted that the typo was not the fault of the city or of the school system.

The sign, which rotated with other adverts in the billboard, was fixed by the end of the day.

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