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'Justice,' but 'more work to do,' says kin of 9/11 victim

Bob Sullivan / msnbc.com

Crowds rejoice in front of the White House.


By Bob Sullivan, Msnbc.com reporter

Outside the White House, a crowd of thousands gathered, waving U.S. flags, chanting “USA,” singing the national anthem, and a tune familiar to sports fans -- "na, na, na, na, hey, hey, good-bye."

The crowd was mostly college students, but as the news spread, nearby D.C. residents jammed the plaza just north of the White House.

Among the crowd was Monica Lawson, whose sister Cecelia Lawson Richards died on 9/11 in the Pentagon. She was watching TV with her daughter Courtney (below, right) - the victim's niece - when she heard the news. They left their suburban D.C. carried a large portrait of Cecelia to the gates of the White House. 

"I was like, what? Then it started to sink in," Courtney said. "I'm happy. Justice was done. But there is more work to do." 

Editor's note: Msnbc's Rachel Maddow is in the crowd outside the White House. The MaddowBlog has a growing collection of photos from the scene. See Rachel's Twitter feed for more.  

Bob Sullivan/msnbc.com