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More photos of spontaneous celebrations across the US

We continue to receive photos of gatherings and reactions following the news that Osama bin Laden is dead.

See earlier ones here.

More submissions:

Zachary Krahmer

District of Columbia firefighters celebrate with other civilians Sunday outside the White House.

Miguel Moreno

Washington D.C.


This was shot in downtown Denver on Sunday in front of the Capitol. A self-proclaimed patriotic flash mob assembled and chanted "USA! USA!" to passing cars. Even though it wasn't a huge crowd, they made up in energy what they lacked in numbers.


Submitted by Aaron

from Rob

Orange, Calif.


Hannah DeFarkas

University of Missouri Tri Deltas celebrate on Sunday night

John F. Ryan

Virginia Military Institute celebrates on Sunday.

Chris Lovuolo

Celebration at Penn State University on Sunday.

Amanda Davi

Crowds rally at Radford University, Radford Va.