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Readers capture Hurricane Irene

We asked msnbc.com users to share images of Hurricane Irene, from their preparations to the storm itself to the aftermath.  Are you in Irene's path? Share photos, if it's safe to do so.

Here's a sampling of pictures we've received so far:

Updated August 29, 2:50 p.m. ET

Submitted by Danielle Rochford / UGC

Bike riders hit a detour

Submitted by Danielle Rochford / UGC

A canoe going down Albany Street in New Brunswick

Danielle Rochford of New Brunswick, N.J., writes:

A stroll down Albany Street and Route 18 in New Brunswick. Two typically busy streets now shut down due to flooding.

Submitted by Niles Weiss / UGC

Hurricane Irene
Manayunk, Philadelphia, PA Sunday AM
The Manayunk Brewery restaurant

Submitted by Niles Weiss / UGC

Hurricane Irene
Manayunk, Philadelphia, PA Sunday AM

Submitted by Niles Weiss / UGC

Hurricane Irene
Manayunk, Philadelphia, PA Sunday AM

Niles Weiss of the Manayunk neighborhood of Pennsylvania, Pa., writes:

Went out 10am after Hurricane Irene.  Rivers crested in the Manayunk area of Philadelphia at around 3pm Sunday.

Submitted by Anna Malyszka / UGC

Submitted by Anna Malyszka / UGC

Submitted by Anna Malyszka / UGC

Anna Malyszka writes: 

Standing in the middle of an eerie and desolate Rt. 1 in Lawrenceville NJ on Sunday Aug. 28, 2011 after Hurricane Irene. Want to "Eat at Joe's?"

Submitted by ROBERT LUPANO / UGC

Sign advertising Scuba Diving on the corner of Rochelle ave and Essex street in Rochelle park NJ.

Submitted by ROBERT LUPANO / UGC

Railroad ave, Rochelle Park NJ

Robert Lupano documented the flooding in Rochelle Park, N.J.

Submitted by Melissa Smith / UGC

McCotters Marina after Irene
Located in Washington, NC

Melissa Smith sent in this photo of post-Irene damage at McCotters Marina in Washington, N.C.

Submitted by Micah Bingham / UGC

New Bern, NC. Flood waters passed over the top of our chain-linked fence.

Micah Bingham of New Bern, N.C., sent us this image of water swamping her family's yard.

Submitted by Kim Thompson / UGC

Staples Parking Lot in Bristol, CT

Kim Thompson of Terryville, Conn., writes: 

Bristol, CT was not as hard hit as other areas of the state, but this location of the city was.  The low lying area pictured here flooded and caused the Copper Mine Brook to swell.


Submitted by Kathy Merrill / UGC

Tree on Home in Va Beach neighborhood.

Submitted by Kathy Merrill / UGC

Tree on Home in Va Beach neighborhood.

Kathy Merrill of Virginia Beach, Va., writes: 

These two homes are two doors down from each other in Virginia Beach, Va. The trees both fell Saturday evening during Irene.  The neighborhood is about 13 miles from the Va. Beach Ocean Front and no one was injured in either home.


Submitted by jeffrey dady / UGC

High tides, and wind, brings the sea , to the front door.

Submitted by jeffrey dady / UGC

Homes fall into the water in Jamaica Bay.

Submitted by jeffrey dady / UGC

Flooding on jamaica bay.

Jeffrey Dady of New York, N.Y., submitted a series of photos of flooding in Broad Channel, Queens. 

Submitted by Mark Thompson / UGC

Car Wash Rt. 140 Franklin, MA.

Mark Thompson snapped this photo of an uprooted tree outside a car wash in Franklin, Mass.

Picture from Andrew Connolly of New York City, who writes: Benches under water on the East River jogging path next to Stuytown in the Stuytown Cove.

Oleksandra Struk of Springfield, N.J., submitted this photo.

Photo from Marianne Leanza, Sloatsburg, N.Y.: Taken Sunday afternoon on 8/28/11. No way in or out of Sloatsburg. Seven Lakes Drive closed. Route 17 North and South closed. Screened porch washed down Park Avenue to the corner of Route 17.

MSN's Don Sena describes the scare that led to the above photo: "The bulk of the storm came through my area of New Jersey (Town: Shrewsbury, County: Monmouth) very early this morning.  By around 6 p.m. it was quite sunny and kids were playing and many neighbors were out talking and cleaning up their yards. We had minimal damage at our house. But, at around 6 pm, a massive tree fell in my backyard. The tree was about 80 feet or so and as it fell it took down two other trees and some big limbs -- and crushed my kids' play structures.  We were about to go in our backyard when this happened, but nobody was hurt. I think the important issue here is: Even when the storm has passed you by and it is sunny out, trees could still be vulnerable due to the ground saturation and weakening from earlier winds."

Photo from TJ Kennedy in New York: Sign for locals waiting for Hurricane Irene at the Harlem Tavern on 116th Street and Frederick Douglas Boulevard.

Joshua Wagner shows Hurricane Irene ripping up a tree in Jacksonville, NC.

 Strange foamy surf before Hurricane Irene's arrival on Long Beach, NY. Sent by Lisa Combs

My silly neighbor succumbs to the panic! Sent by Arnie Gonzalez in Elmhurst, NY

 Water up to boardwalk in Seaside Heights, N.J., sent by Tom Welsh

A photo of East Carolina University, in Greenville, NC from Katie Andrews.

"Calm" before the storm? Hell's Kitchen resident Angelo Guglielmo shares this picture of himself (in the blue shirt) after he ran into a group of tourists and New Yorkers mobbing a marching band that was playing through Times Square at 2p.m. Saturday. "It was hilarious," he said. "Times Square seemed to be the only neighborhood that didn't have everybody buying flashlights."

Nandy N. submitted a photo of the famous Bloomingdale's store windows boarded up.

Ellen Jacob shares a photo of the Apple Store on 68th and Broadway in New York City Saturday morning. Good old fashioned sandbags were placed in hopes of protecting the store from flooding.

A reader sends us this picture around 3:30p.m. ET of the signage in front of Manhattan Bridge.

Courtney from Ohio forwarded this photo her husband sent her. He works for the utility company First Energy, and has been in Baltimore all week as part of mobilized backup crews in anticipation of massive power outages from Hurricane Irene. He took this photo atop a 70 foot bucket truck of all the line trucks that have been organized and are awaiting the storm.

Frank Schweiger sent in this photo of Virginia Beach, Va., on Saturday.

Lena Blair submitted this photo of a momentary break in the rain as flash floods roared in Camden Country, N.C., on Saturday.

Kyle Fulk

Kyle Fulk submitted this photo of a tree that fell in front of his fraternity house at East Carolina University in Greenville, N.C. on Saturday.


Lindsey LaMarre from Chesapeake, Va., witnessed trees shaking in the wind:

So many leaves! We are getting a lot of rain and wind. Also many branches down.

Lindsey LaMarre


Baltimore resident Samay Gheewala captured ominous clouds over the harbor on Saturday as Irene neared:

Irene's first band coming in over Baltimore's Inner Harbor.

Samay Gheewala


Pilot Daniel Cope from New York sent in this radar image from his cockpit: 

Radar image of Irene from the cockpit as I fly my plane from Long Island to safety in Pittsburgh. My airplane is over central PA flying from Republic Airport on Long Island. 

Daniel Cope


As Irene made its way north, Laurie Ansell of Virginia Beach, Va., snapped a shot of the ocean getting choppy: 

11:00am, Taken in Virginia Beach, VA off 42th Street. Water swirling from force.

Laurie Ansell


After Irene's arrival in North Carolina Saturday morning, Veronica Luna from Hubert sent in this image: 

Everything seems to be getting better in Hubert, N.C.

Veronica Luna



Theresa Torralva of Virginia Beach, Va., spotted a hair salon preparing for the worst on Friday evening - the worst hair day, that is:

Theresa Torralva


Rebecca Pesko of Emerald Island, N.C., captured waves crashing against Bouge Inlet Pier on Emerald Isle. She offered this report Friday afternoon: 

A mandatory evacuation has been ordered for Emerald Isle, N.C.  An 8 p.m. curfew is in effect for all residents who chose to stay.  In the last three hours, the ocean has changed dramatically as the hurricane swells approach.  

Rebecca Pesko

Bouge Inlet Pier in Emerald Isle, N.C.

Test credit

The waves of Irene pound the Crystal Coast of Emerald Isle, N.C.

Sarah Harker Leary of Morehead City, N.C., shared this picture of ominous rain clouds bearing down on the coast.

Sarah Harker Leary

Hurricane Irene nears Atlantic Beach, N.C.


Curt Landry of Boynton Beach, Fla., captured this image as Irene passed by on Thursday.

Curt Landry

The outer band of Hurricane Irene seen from Boynton Beach, Fla., on Aug. 25.

 Frank Goodman of Orlando, Fla., describes how he built a hurricane shelter for his family:

I built this 5x5 ft hurricane room anchored with 1/2 inch rebar to a concrete floor. I placed the rebar every 2 ft in the walls and filled each cell with concrete. I placed a 4 inch metal celling on the room anchored to the walls (under the room's roof). The metal door is lock and deadbolt, reinforced with 2x4's when the door is shut. A peep hole allows us to see outsid the room. We stock the room with supplies. The room has electric lighting (backed up with battery lights), a hard wire telephone, vents, bench, and emergency supplies. A portable generator is stationed out side the main room and bolted to the concrete floor. The room is finished with drywall and painted blending in with the rest of the room.  

Frank Goodman, Orlando, Fla.

Hurricane room anchored with 1/2 inch rebar to a concrete floor.

 Carey Piascik of New York told us the Fairway grocery store on Manhattan's Upper West side was so overrun by customers stocking up on supplies on Friday that new shipments of food had to be left on the sidewalk.

Carey Piascik

Stocking up

 Krystianna Thompson of Nassau, Fla., described the damage wrought by Irene in the Bahamas.

These pictures were taken Aug. 26 at about 7:45 a.m., the day after Hurricane Irene pummeled the Bahamas. Utility workers and clean-up crews have not yet had a chance to clean up Irene's mess. The streets remain busy with some people returning to work and others driving around to witness the aftermath of Irene's destruction on our little island.



Krystianna, Thompson

Utility pole and street light barely holding on after being snapped by hurricane Irene's gusts in New Providence, Bahamas.

Krystianna Thompson

Street light downed and broken by Irene's wrath in New Providence, Bahamas.

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