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From Wall Street to Nashville, 'occupiers' share protest images

Occupy Wall Street started with fewer than a dozen college students camping out in Zuccotti Park, a plaza near the New York Stock Exchange. The movement has spread out to cities across America and to some around the world. We're interested to get text, photos and videos from the protests, if you have some, share them here.

Sent in from readers around the country on Thursday, Oct. 13:

Niles, Mich.

Submitted by Eugenie Torgerson

Photo of a protester in Niles, Mich. Eugenie Torgerson wrote: "The Occupy movement resonates in Niles, MI, a diminishing city that the Bush/Cheney bus used to regularly visit. The economic pain is real here now, and people are calling for balance, for compassion, for an end to rampant, unregulated greed. They want support for teachers and schools, security for the elderly, and a slice of the pie they bought.

The crowd seemed not to be partisan. When someone called out, 'Who do you support for president?' the shouted answer was 'None of the above.'"

San Francisco, Calif.

Submitted by Hal Muskat

San Francisco Veterans For Peace at march to commemorate 10th anniversary of war. Marchers take the streets to join Occupy SF.


Portland, Ore.

Submitted by Timothy Boers

Timothy Boers wrote: "Even in the midst of these troubling times I have renewed hope. To see our nation finally acting like a nation, young and old alike using the tools of democracy to their best affect. My first rally was in 1970 in Seattle, the "Moratorium Day Parade"; it certainly was not my last. Five years and one presidential disgrace later, it paid off.
My fervent hope is one of persistent, unrelenting non violence and for the patience and wisdom it will take to make our voices heard.......Again!"

Submitted by Timothy Boers

Protesters in Portland.

Sent in from readers around the country on Wednesday, Oct. 12:

New York, NY

Submitted by Patrick Stefano

Sent in from readers around the country on Tuesday, Oct. 11:

Oakland, Calif.

Submitted by Guy Bryant

Guy Bryant wrote: "I took these shots with my IPhone on my way home from my office located in Oakland California. I was impressed at the diversity and size of the crowd for a rainy afternoon. Something real is occurring in America.

If the issues continue to lead and the focus on non-violence continues, the 'we are the 99%' message has a chance to impact the political and social discourse in this country in a major way in my opinion."

Sent in from readers around the country on Friday, Oct. 7:

Indianapolis, Ind.

Submitted by Jeff Kisling

Occupy Indy protesters first gathered on the mall in downtown Indianapolis on Oct. 7 then moved to the Indiana Capitol building.

Houston, Tex.

Submitted by Jose Duran

Occupy Houston on Oct. 6. Protesters marched around downtown Houston.

Los Angeles, Calif.

Submitted by a user in Los Angeles

Protesters occupy Los Angeles Civic Center's red subway line.

Austin, Texas.

Submitted by Joshua Christopher Harvey

Protesters gather in front of Austin City Hall.

Washington, D.C.

Submitted by Greg Richards

OccupyDC participants gather at Freedom Plaza in the nation's capitol.

Sent in from readers around the country on Thursday, Oct. 6:

New York, NY

Submitted by Gabriele Gordon

From Occupy Wall Street in Manhattan, Gabriele Gordon writes: When I arrived at "Liberty Square," I immediately felt an incredible sense of community and solidarity with these young people, who have taken the initiative to start this incredible protest, which has a great potential to turn into something we have never experienced before. While walking around and taking photos, I was impressed how organized and tidy the place was. From a wi-fi zone over a cell phone charging station to a recycling area, the protesters seemingly have put much thought into every aspect of what is required to keep this protest going."

Submitted by Gabriele Gordon

Submitted by Gabriele Gordon

Tampa, Fla.

Submitted by Jon Reeder

More 2,000 people attended the protest at Lykes Gaslight Park in Tampa, Fla.

Occupy Tampa at the city's courthouse

Portland, Ore.

Submitted by Ben Foster

Occupy Portland protestors in the city's Pioneer Square.

Bloomington, Ill.

Submitted by Grace Savina

Protesters at the "Occupy Blono" (Bloomington-Normal) protest on the bridge at Illinois State University.


Sarasota, Fla.

Submitted by Howard J. White

The young and old came out in support of the protest in Sarasota, Fla. It was quite calm with mixed reviews. Not everyone was in support, with some opponents blaming America's downfall on Congressman Barney Frank of Massachusetts.

Protesters in Sarasota, Fla.


Submitted by Leah Young

A protester holds up a sign on Oct. 2 at Westlake Center in Seattle, Wash. The local protest was one of dozens across the country in response to weeks-long protests in New York City.

Submitted by Leah Young

A protester displays a sign on Oct. 2 at Westlake Center in Seattle, Wash.

Submitted by Leah Young

A protester displays a sign on Oct. 2 at Westlake Center in Seattle, Wash.


Submitted by Deb Jensen

The church ladies -- part of the 99% -- have arrived at Occupy Chicago.


Submitted by Molly Poremski

Occupy Nashville in full swing at Legislative Plaza in downtown Nashville.

Submitted by Molly Poremski

At the start of Occupy Nashville. Crowd grew to about 500 people.


Are you an occupier in the U.S. or around the world? Share your story, pictures and video here