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Man calls 911 when stolen boat runs out of gas

Coast Guard officials in Florida say they helped one seafood company with their big catch of the day -- a 33-year-old man who took the establishment's crab boat out for a ride.

About 8 a.m., William Hodges was cruising the Gulf of Mexico in the 17-foot boat when the watercraft ran out of gas and he called 911 for help, Coast Guard Petty Officer Michael De Nyse told the Tampa Tribune.

About the same time Hodges was calling for assistance, the I.C. Sharks seafood company of St. Petersburg called authorities to report a stolen 17-foot crab boat.

"The gentleman on the boat called in for gas, saying he was disabled and adrift about a mile east of Weedon Island," De Nyse told the Tampa newspaper. "Coincidentally, another party was calling claiming it was stolen at almost the same time."

The Coast Guard arrived on the scene shortly after, as did deputies, De Nyse said.

Hodges was arrested and charged with grand theft.