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Prohibitionist Carry Nation's hometown approves Sunday liquor sales

Bill Haber / AP file

A poster at The Museum of the American Cocktail in New Orleans features Carry Nation, the hatchet-wielding teetotaler who began her crusade against drinking by busting up saloons in Kansas.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Even in the Kansas town where turn-of-the-century teetotaler Carry Nation's legacy is enshrined, the influence of the hatchet-wielding crusader is waning.

Residents in Medicine Lodge, where Nation lived for about a decade and home to the Carry Nation Home Museum, approved a measure this week to allow Sunday liquor sales. The vote, which was expected to be certified Friday, allows the sale of beer and liquor on all Sundays except Easter.

Some see the move as progress in a state that has yet to ratify the constitutional amendment ending Prohibition. Others think the changes would enrage the town's famous former resident.

Ann Bell, who's on the board of directors of the museum, said Nation is likely turning over in her grave.

Sunday sales are likely to start Dec. 11.