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Occupy Hartford protesters told to vacate

Occupy protesters in Hartford, Conn., have until 6 p.m. Tuesday to leave their encampment or risk being arrested after the deadline passes.

"I don't anticipate any trouble, but I will take appropriate corrective action," Hartford Police Chief Daryl K. Roberts told the Hartford Courant. 

Roberts said that Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra notified the campers of his decision early Tuesday morning through a written statement handed out by city employees, the Courant reported.

The decision to vacate the site was reportedly prompted by continuing reports of illegal activity, including drug use and a sexual assault last week.

Amanda Robinson told the Courant that she has been camping at the site since Oct. 24.  When asked what response the protesters might make to the deadline notice, Robinson said: "I'm sure we're going to make it interesting."

Elsewhere across the country Tuesday:

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 The Associated Press contributed to this report.