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Homeless family in housing protest hoping to avoid 'a predicament'

Sam Lewis

The Glasgows stroll through what they hope will be their new neighborhood.

Here’s a bit more on the Glasgows, the homeless New York City family being moved into a vacant foreclosed home in Brooklyn on Tuesday as part of a national protest by “Occupy” protesters and housing activists: 

Natasha Glasgow, 30, her former partner, Alfredo Carrasquillo, 27, and two children, Alfredo, Jr., 5, and Tanisha, 9, are among the more than 41,000 homeless adults and children who sleep in city shelters every night, according to Coalition for the Homeless.

The family has been living in shelters for more than a decade, a “very stressful” situation, according to Glasgow, who is jobless as well as homeless.

A program she was participating in that would have provided a rental subsidy to help them find permanent housing was defunded earlier this year, scuttling her efforts to get her family out of the shelter in New York’s Far Rockaway neighborhood, she said.

In preparation for their move into the foreclosed home targeted by the protesters, the family packed a few suitcases and bags.

As soon as they arrive, they will first meet neighbors and then begin the cleanup work with activists and “Occupy” protesters, Natasha said.

She said the children were excited but also anxious about making new friends. “(But) they know that mommy’s not going to put them into a predicament,” she said.

As for any potential problems with the authorities, she said: “I’m not really been worrying about them too much because I know that I am actually doing something that’s bettering myself, bettering my kids, bettering my whole life, so I’m not really worried about them too much. … I think that this is the best thing that’s going on for me.”

She never expected to become politicized and join such a protest action, but noted that it made her a “little angry” to know there were many homeless people living in shelters amid unused, empty housing.

“It’s good to release my story and have everybody talking, especially the people that’s going through the same thing I’m going through. …  I can hopefully make a change for everybody,” she said.

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