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Occupy protesters at home of Ore. couple facing eviction

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Occupy protesters Tuesday were at the home of a Portland couple they claim are facing possible eviction.

The protest in Oregon was part of a national day of demonstrations as housing activists and Occupy protesters across the country planned to take over foreclosed homes with the goal of helping defend families facing eviction.

Some 25 cities were slated to take part in such demonstrations as part of a bid to re-energize the grassroots movement and put the spotlight on the ongoing housing crisis. Activists were planning to disrupt auctions on foreclosed homes, hold candlelight vigils and join families battling eviction in their residences.

In Portland, a group called We Are Oregon was highlighting the plight of Deb and Ron Austin, who say they are both diagnosed with cancer and took out a second mortgage in order to pay their medical bills, according to a report on KGW.com.

The couple's financial trouble started in 2007, when Ron Austin lost one of his jobs. Even though the couple was able to modify their loan, they still fell behind on their payments and their lender started the foreclosure process, KGW.com reported.

The eviction date is set for March.

Elsewhere across the country Tuesday:

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