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Marchers arrive at Brooklyn home they aim to 'liberate'

Miranda Leitsinger/msnbc.com

The Brooklyn, N.Y., home that Occupy Wall Street protesters intend to seize on behalf of a homeless New York City family.

Marchers have arrived at the vacant foreclosed Brooklyn house they intend to “liberate” so a homeless New York City family can move in.

"This is no longer a house, this is a home,” the Rev. Patricia Malcolm said moments after the throng gathered in front of the home. “... Where the people are one, we can achieve anything and everything.”

A yellow sign reading “Foreclose on banks, not people” was hung from the upper floor before the marchers arrived. The front gate was festooned with bundles of balloons, rising above umbrellas carried by the marchers amid a hard rain.




Nonetheless, marchers have called on musicians to set up, saying that a "block party" will begin in 10 minutes.

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