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Alleged victim says cries for help from Sandusky basement went unheeded

One of the new alleged victims in the sexual harassment case against former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky told a grand jury that Sandusky's wife ignored his screams for help while Sandusky raped him in the basement of their home. 

Sandusky rearrested in Pennsylvania

The young man, identified in the new complaint as Victim No. 9, who is now 18 years old, said in his testimony that Sandusky attempted to rape him at least 16 times, sometimes successfully.

"I took it at first he was just a nice guy, like he went to church every weekend, his kids come over every once in a while and stuff," the young man testified. "And after a while, like, he got used to me and stuff and started getting further and further wanting — to touch feely."

The presentment says the contacts eventually "escalated to sexual assaults."

The testimony is revealed in a new grand jury presentment that the Pennsylvania attorney's general office released after Sandusky was arrested  Wednesday on new charges of sexual abuse of two more young men. 

The five-page presentment gives numerous graphic details of the alleged assaults on Victims 9 and 10, including allegations that Sandusky forced Victim No. 10 to perform oral sex on him.

New grand jury presentment (.pdf — includes graphic details)

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