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Unlucky: Man robbed of $10,000 won at casino

A 62-year-old Chicago man was robbed of more than $10,000 he had won at a casino less than a half hour earlier, his son said Thursday.

The victim, an immigrant who speaks little English and lives in low-income housing in Chicago's Chinatown, was returning from a trip to the Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, Ind., just after 2 a.m. on Wednesday morning when the robbery happened, according to his son, William Chan.

"He parks his car in the parking lot. He's 20 steps from the front door. He gets out of his car, and all of sudden, someone comes rushing out and wraps his arms around his neck," Chan told msnbc.com. "Then a second guy come up with a gun."

The men told him not to move and demanded all of his money, Chan said. They also robbed him of the chips he had won, reported The Chicago Tribune.

Chan said the robbers struck his father in the forehead and then fled.

"He's okay; the cut wasn't so deep, but there was a small laceration above his forehead," he said, adding that his father didn't need any stitches.

Paramedics treated the cut on the scene.

It's not clear why Chan's father was targeted, but his son doesn't think it was random.

"There are only two conclusions, one which I think is a higher possibility," he said. "He was most likely followed from the casino back to his apartment building. The second possibility is it was a random robbery, which I think is least likely."

The robbers haven't been caught. Chan said the money doesn't matter, but he's worried about his father's safety.

"There are building surveillance cameras, but when we spoke with detectives and the building manager, they said the surveillance cameras didn't work. I find it hard to believe that there's a low-income housing building with surveillance cameras that don't work."

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