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Police officer takes wrong turn, drives car up utility pole

A Miami police offer took a wrong turn and drove his car up a utility pole Tuesday morning.


MIAMI -- A Miami Police officer wasn't injured, but his car may need a little work after he drove it up a utility pole in a single car accident Tuesday morning.

Miami Police said the officer was briefly distracted and ran over a wire on the pole, leaving his patrol car at a 45-degree angle. Rescue workers responded and helped the officer hop out of the car uninjured.

The incident is just the latest Keystone Kops-like episode for South Florida police.

  • Last week, an off-duty cop was discovered passed out and drunk in his patrol car, the Miami-Dade, Fla., police department told local media. Instead of being cuffed and booked, Fernando Villa, 32, was allowed to go home after signing a form promising he would appear in court, the Miami Herald reported.
  • A feud between Miami Police and the Florida Highway Patrol culminated in one trooper getting his patrol car smeared with human feces.
  • A Florida police officer allegedly shot at a fellow cop in November before driving off and ordering pizza.
  • In July, Miami Beach cop Derick Kuilan nearly killed two people after allegedly plowing into them on his police ATV while taking a woman for a boozy late-night joyride, according to the Miami Times. He was fired and is awaiting trial on reckless driving and DUI charges.

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