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Anti-gay heckler tackled by female victim, arrested

Police in Bellingham, Wash., say a weekend reveler who yelled slurs at a lesbian couple, was thrown and pinned by one of the two women, then arrested and booked for malicious harassment, according to the Bellingham Herald, which first reported the story on Monday.

Officers responded to a call reporting a fight in downtown Bellingham at about 1:30 a.m. on Sunday, public information officer Mark Young told msnbc.com in a follow-up call.


When police arrived they were told that the suspect, William Adam Lane, 22, had confronted two women outside a bar early Sunday, yelling anti-gay slurs at them when he saw them embracing. The subjects attempted to ignore Lane--who is suspected of intoxication--Young said, citing the police report. Then then he smashed the rear window of a nearby Toyota that belonged to one of the women, and was approaching them in an aggressive manner.

“One of the women threw him to the ground and pinned him,” said Young. “A local nightclub owner came out to help.”

Lane was booked into Whatcom County Jail on four counts including malicious harassment -- a hate crime and felony -- on $2000 bail. On Wednesday, he was no longer in the jail.  

The women were not identified, and it was not clear whether they were pursuing charges.

Bellingham, a coastal city located 90 miles north of Seattle, has a permanent population of about 80,000, is home to Western Washington University — with about 15,000 students — as well as several smaller colleges.

It was unclear whether the women, ages 23 and 30, according to the Herald, would be pursuing charges. Young said the two were not hurt, but they could press assault charges because Lane allegedly acted in a threatening manner toward them.

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