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Young couple buried under tons of coal in Florida


Christopher Artes in a family photo.

A young couple with wanderlust and a love of trains were found dead this week buried under thousands of pounds of coal in Florida.

Workers at the McIntosh Power Plant in Lakeland, Fla., found the bodies of Christopher Artes and Medeana Hendershot.

"Artes, 25, and Hendershot, 22, may have been aboard a coal train that arrived late Saturday night in Lakeland, police said," The Lakeland Ledger reports in a story recounting the couple's itinerant-by-choice lives. "The couple appeared to have died as the coal, about 12,500 tons total, was dumped from the train, plunging the equivalent of multiple stories."

Artes, who grew up in Baltimore, hopscotched the country on trains, his family said. He met Hendershot in South Carolina.

Lakeland Ledger: Pair Found Dead in Coal Sought Freedom of Rails

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