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Vandals captured on video ransacking Florida stores

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. -  Port St. Lucie police are on the lookout for a group of teens vandalizing businesses.

The video was posed on YouTube.

Port St. Lucie police spokesman Tom Nichols confirms that at least one of the incidents in the video occurred in Port St. Lucie, but for now, they will not say which incident it is. Police don't know if the teens are local.


No criminal complaints have been filed with Port St. Lucie Police Department, according to Nichols.

The YouTube video shows several teenagers knocking items off store shelves.

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In the five-minute video posted below, the teens are seen ransacking a Walmart store, a Target store, and a Sears store.


One aisle at a time, the teens knocked items such as paper plates, toilet paper and dog food off the shelves.

Bread once neatly stacked, was thrown on the floor.

They are also seen running through a mattress store, jumping on the beds, before being chased out by a store employee. The teens are also spotted skateboarding into a fountain outside a Friendly’s restaurant.

"What are they gaining by that you know, other than making somebody else's life hard?" says shopper Mark Cobb.

Not all shoppers at a local Port St. Lucie Walmart were disturbed, some found the incident funny.

"I wouldn't think it was that big of a deal unless I had to work in the store and clean it up," said Jason Wolfe.

The video also shows the teens at a local restaurant and other big box retailers where they skateboard their way into display piles.

Psychotherapist Fran Sherman watched the video, and while she cannot legally diagnose them based off the video, she says it's not healthy behavior and obvious the kids have no fear of being caught.

"They're really doing this without regard for society, rules or regulations," Sherman said.

"They're getting joy out of torturing people and things," she added.

Port St. Lucie police continue to look for the teenagers and say it's no laughing matter and criminal charges could be filed.

Mollie Reynolds and Neal Bennett of  WPTV NewsChannel 5 contributed to this report.

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