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Mich. man found dead with an arrow in his chest; police say it could be suicide

A 53-year-old Michigan man was found dead Tuesday morning with an arrow in his chest.

The man, Chris Martin Allen, was found lying in the corner of a parking lot in Howell, about 30 miles east of Lansing.  The arrow was protruding from the left of his chest, and a crossbow was found next to his body, police said.

The police report said investigators considered Allen's death a homicide, but Police Chief George Basar told NBC station WILX of Lansing that suicide couldn't be ruled out. 

"It's physically possible," Basar said. "We have discussed that, and it's physically possible."

Allen lived near Wellston in northern Michigan but had been staying with relatives in a Howell-area apartment since the holidays, NBC station WDIV of Detroit reported.

The incident shook up neighbors in the apartment complex.

"I never thought I would have seen a crime scene here," resident Larry Varga told WILX. "It's a fantastic area and a nice place to live. Nothing ever happens around here."

"Police patrol this area very often" added Varga. "I have never seen any problems here except very tiny things like people having a party."

Police are puzzled, too, by the first possible homicide in the 39,000-person city since 2002, according to Michigan State Police records. 

"I've been in the business for 37 years, and this is the first one that I've had," said Basar, who became chief in 2006.

NBC stations WILX of Lansing, Mich., and WDIV of Detroit contrinuted to this report by M. Alex Johnson of msnbc.com.

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