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Report: Suspect in homeless slaying distraught after Iraq combat

Family members of a man held in the killing of four homeless people say he is an Iraq War veteran who was distraught after combat, the Los Angeles Times reported Saturday.

An uncle said Itzcoatl Ocampo of Yorba Linda had been telling relatives that he was seeing and hearing things, the Times said.

"When he came back from Iraq, he was sick," the uncle, Ifrain Gonzalez, told the Times.

Ocampo, 23, was detained Friday night after a fourth homeless man was found slain in the parking lot of a fast-food restaurant. The Times said bystanders had chased down Ocampo about a quarter mile from the scene of the slaying.

Three other homeless men have been found stabbed to death in north Orange County since mid-December, and a task force of police officers, sheriff's deputies and FBI agents had been looking for the single suspect they believed was responsible for all three.

Brian Doyle, a friend from high school, told the Times that Ocampo told him he had been kicked out of the military. The Times said it could not confirm that. 

The Times reported that Gonzalez said Ocampo was born in Mexico and moved to California with his family when he was 1.

On Saturday, mourners wept and placed flowers at the scene of death of the latest stabbing victim, who was described by friends as a Vietnam War veteran in his 60s named John.

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