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Firefighters cut through home's wall to rescue obese man

James Carbone

Firefighters in Center Moriches, N.Y., remove a man from second floor of a home Thursday.

Firefighters had to cut through an exterior wall to rescue a man who became stuck in the bathroom of his cluttered, second-story apartment on Long Island, NY, officials told local media.

The man was very "overweight," officials told MYFOXNY.com.

According to authorities quoted by Newsday, a rescue team used a series of ladders and a rope system Thursday to lower the man, identified as a 55-year-old former postal worker, to safety on a stretcher around 12:30 p.m. -- about three hours after someone called 911. His weight is unknown.

The man, who was not identified by police or firefighters, was taken to a local hospital for treatment, the paper said. Officials said the man fell in his bathroom and could not get back on his feet. He was listed in stable condition.

Stacks of boxes blocked firefighters from bringing rescue equipment up to the man's apartment, prompting them to cut a way out through the wall, Brookhaven Town spokesman Jack Krieger said in an email to Newsday. The narrowness of the space in some places added to their difficulty, authorities said.

"From what I'm told stuff was stacked to the ceiling in most of the rooms" on the second floor, Krieger told the paper.

The second floor of the wood-frame home was condemned by the town after the rescue, Krieger said. Officials deemed it unfit for human occupancy because of what he called hoarding. The home's owner declined to comment.

After the rescue, a massive pile of junk and collectibles -- including stacks of newspapers and figurines of dragons and “Star Wars” characters -- lay in the yard, Newsday said.

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