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74 cats in a camper: Owner may face charges

AUBURN, Wash. -- A man who had 74 cats and one dog crammed in his camper may faces charges of second-degree animal cruelty, authorities say.

Jerry Reynolds, who is originally from Oregon, has been living in his truck for the last five weeks while he visits his girlfriend at Auburn Regional Medical Center, NBC station KING 5 of Seattle reported.

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Thursday evening, someone reported seeing multiple cats in the windows of the camper outside the medical center.

King County Animal Control responded and found the camper to be unsafe for the animals.

KING 5 News was there as the cats were counted and examined by veterinarians at a makeshift clinic. The conditions inside the camper were cramped and unsanitary, with feces on the floor.

Reynolds helped animal control officers remove the cats from the camper as veterinarians examined them. He said the name of almost every cat as he handed them to authorities.

Reynolds said he had no other choice but to take the cats with him in the camper, instead of leaving them to fend for themselves.

"It was better than letting them go," he said. 

Officials said the animals were not available for adoption yet, but that more information would be available on the King County animal services Facebook page and the agency's website.

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