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Oops! FBI uses chain saw on wrong door

A Massachusetts woman says FBI agents used a chain saw to cut through her door and held her and her young daughter hostage for 30 minutes before realizing they were raiding the wrong apartment. WHDH-TV's Victoria Block reports.

WHDH-TV's Victoria Block reports.

A Massachusetts woman says the FBI used a chain saw blade to cut through her door and held her at gunpoint for at least 30 minutes before agents realized they were conducting a raid at the wrong home. 

Judy Sanchez, of Fitchburg, says she awoke to heavy footsteps in the stairwell on Jan. 26 and walked into her kitchen in time to see a blade chop through her door. 

"I took two steps, face the second door, and I heard the click of a gun, and saying, ‘FBI, get down,’ so I laid down on my living room floor,” Sanchez told WHDH.com. "I was screaming, ‘You have the wrong apartment, you have the wrong apartment,’ over fifty times. And then I seen the big blade coming down my door."

She says she was held face-down on the floor at gunpoint while her 3-year-old daughter Ji’anni cried in another room. 

It turns out agents were after the other tenant on the floor of the multi-unit building who was suspected of dealing drugs. The raid was called Operation Red Wolf, a two-year investigation into drugs and weapons, WHDH.com reported.

Sanchez says she and her daughter now have trouble sleeping. The mom told WHDH she now sleeps with a baseball bat next to her bed. 

The FBI has apologized and is paying for the damage.

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