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Report: LA sub kept teaching after 3 abuse allegations

LOS ANGELES -- A substitute teacher in the nation's second-largest school district was investigated three times for allegations of sexual misconduct with students before he quit in 2007 and started teaching in another district, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The teacher, identified as 45-year-old George Hernandez, was never arrested or charged in the Los Angeles Unified School District cases.

The Los Angeles Times reported that when the third investigation was completed, Hernandez quit teaching in Los Angeles and started working for the Inglewood Unified School District.

He taught there for nearly three years before police found a videotape they say shows him molesting a second-grade girl at an Inglewood school.

On Wednesday, the Huntington Park Police Department released information about the investigation involving Hernandez in September 2010. The investigation began with a report of indecent exposure involving the suspect near Gage Middle School.

Hernandez's computer and other items were confiscated after authorities obtained a search warrant for his home. It was during that search that authorities found "a large quantity of child pornography" that included video of the suspect allegedly engaging in lewd conduct with a student, according to the sheriff's department.

Hernandez was arrested and charged with child molestation but posted bail. He failed to appear for a preliminary hearing on Sept. 30, 2010, according to the sheriff's department.

It is believed that Hernandez fled to Mexico, according to investigators.

"This guy should not have been kept in the district," Kathleen Carroll, an attorney who worked for the state Commission on Teacher Credentialing, told the Times on Wednesday. "This is an outrage."

The case is one in series of lewd conduct investigations in the Los Angele Unified School District, including the accusations against two former Miramonte Elementary School teachers. One of the former teachers, Mark Berndt, pleaded not guilty Tuesday to charges of lewd conduct involving more than 20 students.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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