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Suspicious powder found in letter at Al Gore's office

NASHVILLE – Authorities are investigating the contents of a threatening letter containing powder sent to the office of former Vice President Al Gore on the city’s south side Friday afternoon.

Police said two interns were opening mail at the office when they discovered a threatening letter filled with a white powdery substance, according to Newschannel5.com in Nashville.

The building at Bedford Avenue, near the Mall at Green Hills, was immediately evacuated and authorities were called in to investigate.

"These type of letters, even if a hoax, are a serious crime that will be thoroughly investigated by the FBI and referred to the U.S. Attorneys Offices for prosecution," the FBI said in a statement Friday. 

According to WSMV-TV in Nashville, FBI spokesman Keith Moses said investigators ruled out a link to the series of letters distributed to offices of senators nationwide this week. Letters also containing a powdery substance proved to be harmless.

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