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'Laeping to Literacy Night' sign has Florida school officials red in the face

Sign outside Lakewood High School.

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- This leap fell a bit short.

A St. Petersburg high school sign promoting a recent literacy event for parents apparently wasn't spell-checked, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

The sign outside Lakewood High School may have read "Laeping to Literacy Night 6:30 PM" in big black letters, but the blunder had school officials red in the face.

"This was just an accident. It's every principal's fear," Lakewood principal Robert Vicari told the Times. "I sure hope that sign doesn't end up on Jay Leno."

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The sign went up Friday to promote the school's literacy night for parents on Wednesday, the extra day of the leap year.

Lakewood's literacy coach, Patricia Schley, had organized the event to show parents how to help their teens become better readers. Unfortunately, Schley left the sign work to school custodian Austin Simmons.

Simmons had endured a long week and was fighting the bright sun when the sign went up. His motorcycle had broken down and he'd just gotten a call that he'd need $1,200 to fix it.

The flub wasn't found until Sunday, when Schley saw the sign as she was leaving church.

"I'm the literacy coach," she said. "Of course that reflects on me."

By the time it was fixed Monday, the sign was making the rounds on students' Facebook pages. Schley said if nothing else, she was happy the students had noticed the mistake.

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