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Armored car driver allegedly kills partner, steals $2 million, calls mom, flees Pittsburgh area

A manhunt is on for Kenneth Konias Jr., 22, who Pittsburgh police say killed his partner and stole more than $2 million from an armored vehicle. WPXI-TV's Jodine Costanzo reports.

An armored car guard allegedly shot his partner in the back of the head, stole more than $2 million in cash from the truck and then took the time to call his mom as he fled the Pittsburgh area, police said.

Police have launched a massive manhunt for Ken Konias, Jr., 22, of Dravosburg, who also called a friend Tuesday and asked about extradition laws in Canada and Mexico.

“This is a premeditated murder,” Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zappala said, according to local NBC affiliate, WPXI. “Our belief is that he planned to rob the company, and if he had to kill the guard, then he planned to do that. He shot the guy from close range in the back of the head to accomplish the robbery. That’s pretty cold.”


Konias, is wanted in connection with the shooting death of Michael Haines, 31, of East McKeesport, and with stealing $2.3 million from the Garda Cash Logistics vehicle. Police said they believe Konias to be armed and dangerous with two semiautomatic guns and his dead partner's duty weapon, a Glock 9mm.

Haines' body was in the back of the truck found idling under a Pittsburgh bridge in the Strip District on Tuesday afternoon.

According to a report Friday in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Haines appeared nervous during one of his final stops on Tuesday.  "He was almost perspiring," said the witness, an employee at Crate and Barrel, which was among several collection stops.

Konias was originally thought to be driving a tan 2002 Ford Explorer with Pennsylvania license plate GZW-4572. But now, police say he may be driving a tan or champagne 2006 Explorer with the same license plate from the older model.

According to the criminal complaint, Konias called a friend on Tuesday and said, "I [expletive] up. My life is over."

The police paperwork cited the friend as asking, "What? Did you kill someone?"

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The friend told police that Konias then answered, "Yes," and said he had enough money to live on for the rest of his life. Police said Konias also asked the friend about extradition laws in Canada and Mexico.

The criminal complaint also stated that Konias called his mother after the incident and stopped by his Dravosburg home, leaving behind a coat with what detectives said appeared to be blood splatter on the front.

Debbie Wilson, who lives near the house, said the entire community is in shock at what happened.

“It’s just a real tragedy. It makes me sick,” Wilson said.

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