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Toddler found after twister dies in hospital

A man who was caught in the path of a tornado talks about trying to help the family of Angel Babcock.

Angel Babcock

Updated at 5:05 p.m. ET
The 14-month-old girl found in a field after Friday's tornadoes passed away after being taken off life support on Sunday, her grandparents told NBC News.

The grandparents and doctors had earlier decided to remove Angel Babcock from life support due to the severity of her injuries.

Angel was found alive about 150 yards from where her family's home had stood. Her parents, Joe and Moriah Babcock, died instantly; so too did her brother Jaydon, 2 years, and sister Kendall, 2 months.

Her grandfather Jack Brough on Saturday told the Louisville Courier-Journal that "she’s had a lot of injuries to her head ... I’m just asking everyone to pray for my granddaughter and for my family."

A neighbor said her boyfriend had tried to help the family leave their mobile home in New Pekin, Ind., for his larger one as the tornado bore down on Friday.

The boyfriend, Jason Miller, said he saw Angel's family lying face down in their hallway, holding hands and praying.

Before he could help them out, however, the tornado sucked him and the Babcocks out. Miller survived with several broken bones.

Brough said he waited out the storm at his home, and then headed to his daughter's to see how they were.

"As we got closer and closer, the whole area was flattened," he told the Courier-Journal. "I kept saying, ‘Oh my God! Oh my God!’ I was breathing so hard. I couldn’t see my daughter’s trailer for nothing. It was gone."

Brough was then told of a little boy found in a field and a baby being carried away. He later learned the two were his grandchildren and went to a local hospital to identify them. There he was told that his daughter and her boyfriend were also dead. 

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"They wanted me to identify Moriah and Joe, but I just couldn’t do it," he said. 

"She was always happy and loved life," Brough said of his daughter. "Her entire life was about Joe and her children. She loved her kids; she was always with them."

Businesses in West Liberty were so damaged by Friday's storm, they will have to come down. NBC's Mike Bettes reports.

NBC News producers Alan Cohen and Bob Vasilopoulos contributed to this report.

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