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Authorities call off search for missing Michigan family

Updated at 2:15 p.m. ET: PETOSKEY, Mich. – Authorities have called off a search for a Michigan couple after family members said they've been in contact with the missing pair.

"They are fine," Petoskey Director of Public Safety John Calabrese told msnbc.com on Wednesday. "We know they were not vacationing, but we don't know what their motivation was for leaving."

Timothy Medsker, his wife, Sabrina, and their 4-month-old son, Joshua, had not been seen or heard from since Feb. 12, according to Petoskey police.

Family members say the Medskers own a cleaning business and described Timothy Medsker as a dedicated worker, never missing a day or shift. The family started to worry about the couple after they didn't return telephone calls.

Police say there was no reason to suspect a crime had occurred, but they had been searching for clues in the disappearance.

Petoskey Detective David Schultz told ABC News it appeared the family left in a hurry from their two-story home on the state's northeast shore.

"All of their personal belongings were there including clothing, computers, food, paperwork – it looked like something spooked them," Schultz told ABC News.

Laura Medsker, mother of Timothy Medsker, offered a message to her son, saying she was worried about the family's welfare.

“We love you, we love Joshua and please just call somebody, or write or email, please,” Laura Medsker told ABC News. “Let us know you guys are OK because we love you and we are worried about you guys.”

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