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Bad bird: Woman stalked by wild turkey she's nicknamed 'Godzilla'

WDIV's Roger Weber reports.

COMMERCE TOWNSHIP, Mich. - Edna Geisler is a prisoner in her own home, constantly fearing the stalker who lies in wait for her on her front lawn. Her tormentor? A 30-pound wild turkey who she refers to as "Godzilla," reports The Detroit Free Press.

Geisler, 69, told The Free Press the bird has stalked her for two months.

The turkey lurks in her yard, screeching constantly, she told the paper. Even worse, when she's alone, the large tom turkey attacks her, she said, pecking and clawing at her hands.

"I'm afraid to go out of my house," she said. "I have to go to the post office at 6 o'clock in the morning to avoid him."


Eric Seals / Detroit Free Press

Godzilla the wild turkey walks around the front yard of the home belonging to Edna Geisler, 69 of Commerce Township. Geisler has been terrorized for a month by a wild turkey she named Godzilla.


Godzilla runs at her and bumps into her, clawing to the point of drawing blood.

"I got a terrible stinging right here," she told the Free Press, pointing to the back of her left hand.

Eric Seals / Detroit Free Press

Edna Geisler, 69 of Commerce Township stands on her front porch with the broom ready to shoo away the wild turkey she's named Godzilla.

"Godzilla" has developed a routine: Each morning he wanders in from the woods on state land over to Geisler's yard, which he apparently has come to see as his own. Geisler's busy street doesn't bother Godzilla, and doesn't stop him from fanning his feathers - usually a method of flirting with hens - but in this case, just another tactic for scaring Geisler: When he preens, he's as big around as a car tire, reported The Free Press.

Read about 'Godzilla' the turkey on Detroit Free Press

While Geisler is the main target, she's not the only victim.

A friend, Rick Reid, recently pulled into her driveway and had the pleasure of meeting Godzilla after opening the door of his minivan, said the paper.

Eric Seals / Detroit Free Press

Godzilla the wild turkey walks around the front yard of Geisler's home.

"He tried to come right in the door," Reid said. "He bit me on the elbow. He's probably 25 to 30 pounds."

In the evening, after putting in a hard day's work of stalking Geisler, Godzilla returns home to woods, where a flock of wild turkeys live, according to The Free Press.

Geisler is at her wit's end. Even changing her schedule hasn't outsmarted her stalker, Geisler told the paper.

"I slipped out and he wasn't there, but he was there waiting for me when I got back."

Geisler hopes Godzilla goes away by summertime so she can work on her garden.

"Every time I eat turkey I smile," she said. "I'd like to do that to him."

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