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Utah crash victim planning wedding proposal dies

 A man injured in a Utah car crash as he planned to propose to his girlfriend has died.

The Herald Journal of Logan reports that Adam Goodsell, 32, died Sunday, nine days after his vehicle rolled near Wellsville and he suffered severe head injuries.

His family announced his death on a Facebook page that updated his condition.

Goodsell, of Preston, Idaho, had purchased an engagement ring for his girlfriend, Goldie Chaney, on March 9. Later, as he was driving, he called 911 to report that his gas pedal was stuck and he had lost his brakes on his Land Rover. Utah Highway Patrol officials say an initial investigation confirmed mechanical failure in the braking system.

The reported transcript of the 911 call deals with the moments just before the crash.

“Yes, I am, uh, coming out of Sardine Canyon; my brakes went out; my gas pedal is stuck,” Goodsell said, according to the Herald Journal.

“OK, which way are you headed, northbound or southbound?” the dispatcher asked him.

His response was inaudible, the newspaper reported. The dispatcher asked: “You’re headed into Logan?”

There was no answer either when the dispatcher asked him for the color of the car. By that time, the car had either crashed or was about to, the newspaper reported.

As troopers investigated the accident, they got a call letting them know there was a diamond ring among the crash debris, according to the The Herald Journal. Trooper Cory Thomas had spotted a gift bag inside the vehicle as he looked for insurance information.

The bag fell out of the vehicle, perhaps as it was being towed out of the ditch. Someone later spotted it in the water, the newspaper reported.

Thomas said he was glad to be able to return the ring to Goodsell’s family.

“It is always hard when someone is hurt, but this put a whole different spin on it,” Thomas told the newspaper. “It makes it personal, and it takes it to the next level when you realize how much of an impact it is going to have on the people who are waiting for him.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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