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No Mega Millions winner, so jackpot jumps to $356 million for Tuesday

SAN DIEGO -- With no winning ticket in Friday night’s Mega Millions drawing, the lottery jackpot will grow to an estimated $356 million.

The lottery website listed the numbers from the drawing as 6, 17, 19, 20, 21 with the Mega number 20. Anyone who holds a ticket with five numbers and no Mega number will walk away with $250,000.

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Because there was no winner of them main jackpot, it will rise to $356 million for the drawing on Tuesday. If someone were to win and take the prize in a lump sum, instead of over 20 years, the cash payoff would by $255.1 million, according to the website.

Unlike the Super Lotto jackpot, which is California-based, the Mega Millions lottery sells tickets in 43 states.

Last year, three winning tickets were purchased in California. The last winner from San Diego was Todd Moitz of San Diego, who won $47 million in January 2009.

"You go in there picking the tickets, you never actually expect them to land," Moitz said after picking up his big check.

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This article includes reporting by R. Stickney of NBCSanDiego.com and msnbc.com staff.

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