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Police: Two TSA agents held after drunken rampage in Miami hotel

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A pair of South Florida TSA agents face criminal charges after police say they went on a drunken rampage inside a Miami Beach hotel room, throwing furniture out a window and wildly firing a gun, NBCMiami.com reported.

Jeffrey Piccolella, 27, and Nicholas Puccio, 25, are both charged with criminal mischief and using a firearm under the influence of alcohol or drugs in the Tuesday night incident at the Shelby Hotel, according to a Miami Beach police report obtained by NBCMiami.com.

Officers called to the hotel around 11 p.m. after reports of a gun being discharged from a second-floor room took the two agents into custody without incident, the report said. Each had a strong breath odor of alcohol and bloodshot and watery eyes, the report said.

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On the ground outside the hotel room, officers found a radio, speakers, two lamps, a phone, an ice chest, a shattered vase and a bullet casing, the report said.

Piccolella admitted that the pair had returned to the room after having several drinks and started throwing the items out the window, the report said.

Piccolella said he had fired the gun out the window once, handed it to Puccio, who also fired once, and then got the gun back and fired three more times, according to the report.

One bullet struck a $1,500 hurricane-proof window at the Barneys New York at 832 Collins Ave., the report said. The hotel items were worth $400, it said.

Puccio denied any involvement in the incident, the report said.

The Transportation Safety Administration said both are part-time employees at Palm Beach International Airport and were not traveling on official business.

"TSA holds its employees to the highest professional and ethical standards. We will review the facts and take appropriate action as necessary," the TSA said in a statement obtained by NBCMiami.com.

Both Piccolella, of West Palm Beach, and Puccio, of Delray Beach, were being held on $5,500 bond, NBC Miami said.

Elvuyra Perez Gallego, visiting Miami from Spain for the first time, told NBCMiami.com she was scared when she came back to the hotel from a late night out and saw police blocking the street surrounding her hotel.

She said she has sat on the hotel patio many times this week to use her computer and socialize, and she doesn't like thinking about what could happen with a stray bullet.

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