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Texas tornado videos show flying semi-trailers, golf ball-sized hail

Here are several video highlights from the storm that smashed across north Texas, including two reports from NBC Nightly News and a now-viral video of the tornado picking up and throwing 18-wheelers through the black sky.

Severe weather specialist Dr. Greg Forbes explains why the slow-moving tornadoes dwelled over the Dallas region.



The strong winds lifted tractor trailers, hurling them through the air. After the wave of storms subsided, damage spanned several counties near Dallas. NBC's Gabe Gutierrez reports.

An aerial video captured by KXAS shows two tornadoes touching down south of Dallas, catapulting 18-wheelers across the area. It's difficult to discern at first, as the sky is black, but the semi-trailers are hurled nearly 100 feet in the air.


Images, although powerful, do not capture how loud storms can be. Here, a YouTube user captured the sound of golf ball-sized hail crashing down on a parking lot.


Msnbc's Tamron Hall reports as a helicopter video catches a tornado tearing through neighborhoods. She also provides updates on her family, who live in the area.

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