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Report: Oikos University shootings suspect 'can't deal with women'


One Goh is seen in this handout booking photo from the Alameda County Sheriff's Department released to Reuters April 3, 2012. Goh, 43-years-old and a former student at Oikos University, is accused of killing seven people and wounding three in a shooting rampage at the small Christian college in Oakland on Monday.

One Goh, the former student accused of shooting dead seven people at a small Christian college in Oakland, Calif., was consumed by an inability to get along with women, according to a report.

The 43-year-old Korean-American, who had been expelled from Oikos University for "anger management" issues, had been cooperative since being taken into custody after Monday's shootings but was "not particularly remorseful," Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan said Tuesday.

He is expected to face charges from prosecutors Wednesday.

About 1,000 people, including relatives and friends of the victims, gathered for a memorial service on Tuesday evening at the Allen Temple Baptist Church, where the congregation consists mainly of African-American and Korean-American worshippers. The service was conducted in both English and Korean.

Many of the assembled wept quietly with hands clasped and heads bowed. Flowers were laid at the podium, where clergy from different faiths offered prayers. Some mourners swayed and waved their hands in the air and wiped tears from their eyes while hymns were sung.

One of the speakers, Mayor Jean Quan, said the gun violence that shook Oakland this week could occur anywhere in America.

"This is America, where you can find a gun easier than mental health services," she said.

PhotoBlog: Tears, prayers at memorial service for victims of shooting

Oikos, founded by a pastor from South Korea, serves about 100 students in a single building and has close links to the Korean-American Christian community.

Oikos University shooting school catered to Koreans

Goh's former nursing instructor, Romie Delariman, was quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle saying the student didn't fit in at a college where women make up the majority of the nursing faculty and student body.

Behavioral problems
Delariman described Goh as a good and eager student, but added, "He just can't deal with women. ... I always advised him, 'You go to school to learn, not to make friends.'"

The teacher disputed accounts that Goh had been picked on due to his imperfect English, characterizing his problems as behavioral.

In the deadliest campus shooting in five years, a former student opened fire at Oikos University in Oakland, Calif., Monday, killing at least seven people. NBC's Kristen Dahlgren reports.

"He can't get along with people," Delariman was quoted by the newspaper as saying. "If you say, 'How are you?' he'll say, 'Why? Don't I look OK? Did I do something to you?' "

Oikos University shootings: Gunman targeted administrator

Police on Tuesday said Goh’s intended target – a female administrator – escaped the shooting spree and remains alive.

Three people wounded by Goh were released from an Oakland hospital by mid-morning on Tuesday.

Goh surrendered at a Safeway grocery store several miles away.

Reuters and msnbc.com staff contributed to this report.

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