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'Very much concerned': Florida police search for missing mother of 3

Miramar Police Department

Vilet Patricia Torrez was last seen on Friday visiting a friend.

Police in Miramar, Fla., say they’re “very much concerned” about the fate of a mother of three who was last seen visiting a friend Friday evening.

Vilet Torrez, 38, was reported missing on Monday afternoon by her family.

“It’s premature to say (foul play) definitely was involved. However, we’re looking at all possibilities,” Miramar police spokeswoman Tania Rues told msnbc.com on Wednesday.

Torrez never showed up for work over the weekend or on Monday, police said.

On Tuesday afternoon, detectives were at her home talking to her husband, Cid Torrez, NBCMiami.com reported. The couple separated about two months ago. He told MBCMiami.com he last saw his wife Friday afternoon when he picked up the children for the weekend.

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"Our relationship, as far as when it comes to the kids – she's a great mother. As for her and me we did have our little differences right at the end. But when it comes to our kids, everything was very, very close," Cid Torrez told NBCMiami.com. "My kids need their mother."

Torrez was last seen leaving a friend’s house on Friday night, police said. She may have driven home, because her car was found at her own residence in a visitor parking spot, police said.

“We’re still very much concerned. There’s an active search looking at all possible leads and angles and we’re searching in a variety of locations,” Rues said.

The couple's three children, ages 12 and under, are staying with the father.

Torrez is described as 5 feet, 3 inches tall, 125 to 130 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes. Anyone with information on her whereabouts is asked to call Miramar police at 954-602-4000.

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