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Poll: Should wolves be hunted on national parks land in Wyoming?


The gray wolf will soon be officially taken off the endangered species list in Wyoming, triggering new debates about how humans and wolves will coexist. 

In 86 percent of the state, there's no question -- they're predators. This means that anyone, anywhere may shoot a wolf on sight, no permit required.

At issue is whether hunters may take aim at wolves in the John D. Rockefeller Jr. Memorial Parkway, a 240-square-mile strip that connects Yellowstone to Grand Teton national parks. The state of Wyoming wants wolf hunts; the National Parks Service does not.

Culling elk has been allowed in the parkway and at Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota. Wolves will have the same status as elk, but the park service feels squeamish allowing a species fresh off the endangered list to be hunted. Take the poll to have your say and read more at the link below.

Wolves now labeled 'predators' in Wyoming

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