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5 found duct-taped: Boston University students under investigation for possible hazing

Boston police are investigating a possible hazing incident involving five Boston University students who were found stripped down to their underwear, duct-taped and covered head-to-toe in honey, hot sauce and other condiments.

“All five were shivering and had horrified and fearful looks on their faces,” Boston officers wrote in a report, according to the Boston Globe.

Boston police said they responded to a newly renovated home in Allston just after midnight on Monday after neighbors complained of hearing loud music.

"Mainly the loud music, but I also heard stuff like, 'Yes sir,' and 'No sir,' as if they were in the military and someone was giving them orders," said Marc Vuong, a neighbor and Boston University freshman, NBC News affiliate WHDH-TV in Boston reported on Monday.

According to a Boston police report, officers discovered five students who “were all tied together via duct tape wrist-to-wrist to form a human chain,” according to WHDH-TV. Police said they also noticed the men had “red welts and markings all over their backs,” WHDH-TV reported.

Police said they also found about a dozen other college students scattered around the two-story home; some had been hiding, while others were pretending to be sleeping, WHDH-TV reported.

A Boston University spokesperson told WHDH-TV on Tuesday that the people behind the alleged hazing were Boston University students. The house also belonged to a national fraternity, Alpha Epsilon Pi, but was not recognized by Boston University. Boston University withdrew its recognition of the fraternity nearly 20 years ago, according to school officials.

A spokesman for the Boston Police Department told the Boston Globe charges against nine Boston University students were likely. They also could be expelled from the school, the Globe reported.

Kenneth Elmore, Boston University’s dean of students, told WHDH-TV that two of the men involved in Monday’s alleged hazing already faced expulsion for their role in a sorority hazing incident last month.

"It's very troubling that they would have another incident, same organization, some members the same some different, but that they would be involved in this," Elmore told WHDH-TV.

The alleged hazing incident at Sigma Delta Tau, a sorority at Boston University, involved underage drinking off the school’s campus.

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