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DA: Police who shot 68-year-old heart patient won't be charged

A grand jury has declined to bring charges against White Plains police in the shooting of a 68-year-old former Marine at his apartment last year.

The grand jury's decision was announced Thursday by the Westchester County district attorney.

On Nov. 19, 2011, police were dispatched to the Winbrook Houses public housing project to aid Kenneth Chamberlain, a chronically ill heart patient.

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Chamberlain apparently had accidentally triggered his medical alert pendant, and when the responding officers banged on his door, he told them he was OK and refused to let them in.

But then Chamberlain and the police became engaged in an hour-long standoff, and the officers eventually forced open the door, fearing someone else inside was in danger, according to police.

The man's family contends that police then used a Taser on Chamberlain for no reason, then shot him with a bean bag gun before firing two fatal shots.

“My father was murdered by the same people that were supposed to come and help him,” Kenneth Chamberlain Jr. said last month.

Police have said the elder Chamberlain had a knife.

The medical alert company’s voice box in the room captured the conversation, which has not been released to the public.

There is also abbreviated video of Chamberlain captured by the camera on the officer's stun gun.

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Mayor Bartlett, the attorney representing the Chamberlain family, alleged the police officers used racial slurs and taunted the elderly man.

There was no immediate comment from the family. The White Plains police union said the officer's actions were "necessary and justified" and said it was grateful for the grand jury's investigation.

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