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Atlanta police: Suspect sought in 2 kidnapping attempts

Police in Atlanta are searching for a suspect they say is behind two separate kidnap attempts of women, including one being dragged off a front porch and stuffed into the trunk of a car, according to local media reports.

Investigators fear he may try again.

Police spent Thursday evening canvassing an East Atlanta neighborhood bordering Edgewood and Reynoldstown, conducting door-to-door searches and handing out a sketch of the suspect, according to WXIA-TV.com, the NBC News affiliate in Atlanta.

"We have a huge sense of urgency," WXIA quoted Atlanta Police Maj. Keith Meadows as saying. "We understand this type of behavior is progressive and we really need to catch this individual before he gets more violent towards his victims."

WXIA-TV's complete coverage of the investigation

Attempts by msnbc.com to contact Meadows or officers with the Atlanta Police Department were unsuccessful Friday afternoon.

According to WXIA, a woman said she was sitting with her friend outside on the front porch early Wednesday when a man ran up with a gun in his hand and grabbed the woman. The woman said the suspect screamed "You f----- with the wrong person!" and dragged her to his car, WXIA reported.

The woman told police she was thrown into the truck of the suspect’s car. She said she desperately tried to get out of the vehicle and was able to rip through a liner and release the trunk latch, according to WXIA. She suffered minor injuries.

Just minutes later and about a mile away, another woman was walking to her car when a suspect pulled up from behind, grabbed her hair, punched her, and started yelling "Get in the trunk," WXIA reported. The suspect was able to get her into the truck, but she kept kicking and trying to use her legs to block the trunk from closing, according to the television station.

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A neighbor heard the woman’s cries and was able to scare off the suspect, according to police. An off-duty detective, who was in area at the time, gave chase but lost sight of the suspect’s car, according to WXIA.

In both attacks, the man was reportedly wearing a black mask, a white T-shirt, and navy blue hoodie, according to police.

The suspect's mask came off during the second attack and witnesses were able to help police develop a sketch of the suspect. Police describe the suspect about 5 feet 6 inches tall and 130 pounds, according to WXIA.

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