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Pier collapses under teens headed for prom in Wisconsin

A Wisconsin prom photo has become memorable for all the wrong reasons after the dock a group of high school students were using for a prom photo collapsed, sending the teens plunging into the water below. TODAY's Natalie Morales reports.

Teens at one Wisconsin high school made a big splash at their prom -- a wooden pier collapsed during  a photo shoot, sending them into a lake.

"It's completely unexpected. It doesn't even happen on TV, and all of a sudden here it is happening to us," Matt Timm, a student from Kettle Moraine High School in Wales, Wis., told WISN-TV. "I heard, like, one crack, and then the whole thing collapsed from under us."

The teens had gathered at Lac La Belle, a 1,154-acre lake in southeastern Wisconsin, for a photo session before the big dance, according to WISN-TV in Milwaukee, Wis.

“The person behind was like, 'Everyone on, get on’,” junior Jacqueline Rosch told WISN-TV. 

What Rosch and other couples didn’t expect was complete collapse of the wooden pier. Soaking wet, the teens were pulled from the water without any injuries, according to WISN-TV.

Anne Mccormack / Courtesy WISN TV Milwaukee

“It was akin to [watching] a car accident,” Kathy McCormack, a mother who was there photographing her daughter, told ABC News. "You heard the screams coming off the dock and it was like they were falling one after the other in slow motion into the lake.”

With a little hustle and a lot of help from fans, clothes dryers and hair dryers, the teens made it to prom with a memorable story to share.

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