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Al-Jazeera: Second anti-Islam military curriculum surfaces

As the Pentagon reviews all military classes following the disclosure of one that advocated "total war" against Muslims, the news website Al-Jazeera reported Saturday that it had received materials from a similar course and that both were put together by the same group, a nonprofit that offers classes and workshops to military and government officials.

Al-Jazeera said it received course slides from an unnamed military officer who said "this bigoted conspiracy cabal is both disgusting and so deeply un-American."

The slides leave the impression that Hamas extremists have infiltrated the U.S. government, media and education via U.S. Islamic groups like the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Al-Jazeera said.

The documents indicated the two courses were prepared by the consulting firm Strategic Engagement Group, Inc., Al-Jazeera said. The website for Strategic Engagement does include statements similar to those in the materials cited by Al-Jazeera, msnbc.com found.

The firm's website states its president, E.J. Kimball, was formerly a foreign policy counsel to Rep. Sue Myrick, R-N.C., and created the bipartisan Congressional Anti-Terrorism Caucus.

Myrick earlier wrote to Pentagon chief Leon Panetta voicing her concern that "the political nature of these (class) reviews might inadvertently weaken" military training, Al-Jazeera noted.

Stephen Coughlin, VP of strategic communication initiatives, is described as "the leading expert in the United States on Islamic Doctrine" and a U.S. Army Reserve major with military intelligence expertise.

Story: Outrage over anti-Muslim materials in military training

The group says it formed in 2010 "for the purpose of exposing and defeating efforts to subvert the United States Constitution and subjugate the American People."

Strategic Engagement did not immediately respond to msnbc.com's request for comment on the Al-Jazeera report.

The slides indicate the course was approved by two retired three- star generals and former CIA Director James Woolsey, Al-Jazeera added.

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