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Beer-guzzling cows crash backyard party

Cows on the loose in Boxford, Mass., crashed a backyard party and helped themselves to beer. WHDH-TV's Tim Caputo reports.

Cows on the loose in Boxford, Mass., crashed a backyard party last weekend, and went right for the beer.

“They enjoyed it. There’s no doubt about it. They went right for the beer and then when one was done, they’d knock another one over and take care of that beer,” Lt. James Riter of the Boxford Police Department told NBC affiliate WHDH.com.

Police said they heard reports of screams from a group of women as five or six cows stumbled into the yard, eagerly hurtling toward the beers.

“They got up as the cows went toward the table. They stepped back and the cows took over the table, knocking over the beers with their noses, drinking the beer off the table. They went to the recycling bin to find any leftovers,” Riter told the TV station.

A caller told the 911 dispatcher: “We thought they were deer, but they're huge, huge, huge cows. There's got to be five or six of them.”

Andrea Poritzky also called 911 after spotting "about six cows" in her yard.

"I don't own cows,” she said.

“I was initially a little nervous. And then after I found it very comical and not very surprising due to the fact that we live in the country here,” Poritzky said.

A police escort rounded up the cows and returned them to a farm about a mile away.

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