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Feds: Woman admits building pipe bombs, claims it's just hobby

Hall County Jail

Celia Alchemy Savage

A north Georgia college student was in jail Friday after federal officials accused her of possessing explosives and illegal drugs.

Celia Alchemy Savage admitted that she had made five to seven pipe bombs, a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agent said in a document submitted to a federal court Thursday.

She "claimed she has a passion for it" and that "detonating them for recreation was her 'hobby,'" the document stated.

A judge later denied her bond and a preliminary hearing initially set for Friday was postponed until some time next week.


Savage's father acknowledged she liked to shoot weapons, but he insisted she'd never resort to violence.

"She's a real good person," Tommy Savage told wsbtv.com. "She likes to hunt and fish. She loves shooting. She goes sky diving. All kinds of stuff like that that you wouldn't really typically think of a young lady doing."

Savage's online posts aren't likely to help her cause: She's seen in a YouTube video blowing up a toilet, and her Facebook page says this about herself: "I despise all law enforcement and any governing authority. I am not one for selective targeting but mass destruction."

Her Facebook page also says she attends Gainesville State College and is studying mechanical engineering. Under "political views" she posted: "Anarchist."

Savage was arrested Wednesday during a raid by federal agents on her rural home near Cornelia. Ga. 

Court documents included allegations that Savage had used pot the previous day and meth two months ago, wsbtv.com said.

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