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Woman drives car into street party, around 30 hurt


Around 30 people were hurt, some seriously, when a woman drove her car into a street party in Lima, Ohio, Friday night.

“It was unreal. There were bodies, and shoes and jewelry,” The Lima News reported Amee Truesdale as saying. “They took many, many people to the hospital, and two or three of them looked seriously hurt ... I saw men pick up that car and move out a gentleman that was pinned underneath.”

The driver, who reportedly had a dog with her, was parked near the town's main square when she accelerated rapidly, a police spokesman told NBC News.

The driver's name will be released pending the investigation, the spokesman added.

"This is definitely an accident," Sgt. Jack Jarlock was quoted by Reuters as saying. "There may have been some confusion on her part. She may have gotten in a panic of some sort."

Craig J. Orosz / The Lima News via AP

The car that hit some 30 people sits next to the sculpture it crashed into Friday in Lima, Ohio.

The car plowed through tables and finally stopped when it hit a large sculpture, The Lima News reported.

The crowd was attending an event with music put on by ArtSpace Lima.

No fatalities were reported, but rescue workers said there were numerous head, neck and leg injuries, The Lima News reported.

St. Rita's Medical Center received some 30 people Friday night, a spokeswoman told NBC News. Four of them were admitted and, of those, two are in critical but stable condition.  The two others are stable.

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